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  • n. A graph of flow past a point in a river versus time.
  • n. A graph of water table versus time.

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  • n. A diagram showing the heights of water in a river day by day during any interval.
  • n. An apparatus for automatically recording the height of water in rivers or in wells, analogous to the limnograph for lakes or to a self-recording tide-gage for oceans. It has a vertical scale for the height of water and a horizontal scale for the time.


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hydro- + -graph


  • A hydrograph is a graphic depiction of the rate of runoff plotted over a period of time for a particular watershed.

    1.1 The role and purpose of irrigation

  • Overall, the magnitude and frequency of high flows will decline while low flows will increase, thereby flattening the annual hydrograph.

    Effects of climate change on hydro-ecology of contributing basins in the Arctic

  • Land storage of snow is important in the formation of the hydrograph in that the distributed nature of the snow across the land “converts” the daily melt into a single peak.

    Terrestrial Water Balance in the Arctic

  • Therefore the annual Blue Nile hydrograph has a constant bell-shaped pattern, regardless of variation in the annual flow volumes.

    Water profile of Sudan

  • For example, manage flows so as to mimic the natural hydrograph (floods), and release water from the top rather than the cold bottom of Glen Canyon reservoir (certain fishes need this warm water).

    Colorado Plateau shrublands

  • Numerical experiments were carried out to examine the response of the estuary to various forcing agents, including the offshore surge hydrograph, local wind forcing, and wave thrust.—Abstract.

    Archive 2007-09-01

  • After some time the hydrograph settles at a constant level known as base flow stage.

    Surface runoff of water

  • The graph in Figure 1 illustrates a typical hydrograph and its measurement of discharge over time.

    Surface runoff of water

  • Actually, the shape and magnitude of the hydrograph is controlled by two sets of factors:

    Surface runoff of water

  • These instruments record the stream's discharge on a hydrograph.

    Surface runoff of water


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