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  • n. Plural form of hydrolase.


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  • In fact, special enzymes called hydrolases are required in order to get hydrolysis to occur at all in a cell.

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  • To avoid the receptors themselves being digested by the acid hydrolases, once the interior of the lysosomes is acidified, these recycle to the Golgi by means of transport vesicles.

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  • In this way, the receptors are recycled and reused to transport new acid hydrolases to the lysosomes.

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  • Acid hydrolases are enzymes which, in the acidic medium of the lysosomes, are activated and digest other proteins.

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  • The GARP complex is the transport network that recycles receptors of acid hydrolases from the lysosomes (the stomach of the cell) to the Golgi apparatus.

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  • These genes encode enzymes that generate the mannose-6-phosphate signal, which directs a diverse group of hydrolases to the lysosome.

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  • This study shows that variants of proteins that guide hydrolases to the lysosome are associated with stuttering.

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  • In mucolipidosis II fibroblast cultures, characterized by their preferential secretion of most newly synthesized hydrolases, quercetin and phloretin

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  • Renkema GH, Boot RG, Au FL, Donker-Koopman WE, Strijland A, et al. (1998) Chitotriosidase, a chitinase, and the 39-kDa human cartilage glycoprotein, a chitin-binding lectin, are homologues of family 18 glycosyl hydrolases secreted by human macrophages.

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  • Based on amino acid sequence similarity, chitinases are classified into families 18 and 19 of glycoside hydrolases (GH) [10], [11].

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