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  • n. An emulsion of fat and water, a film of which normally covers the skin


hydro- +‎ lipid (Wiktionary)


  • The skin depends on the hydrolipid barrier to retain water.

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  • Phospholipids derived primarily from soy and egg yolks are the only substances that possess the ability to directly rebuild the hydrolipid barrier when applied topically.

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  • Recover the integrity of the precious hydrolipid barrier that enables the skin to retain water, fight wrinkles, and keep out harmful chemicals

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  • Virtually all soaps, foaming cleansers, and alcohol-based toners with the exception of cetyl and cetearyl alcohols, which are not drying like other alcohols will compromise the skin’s hydrolipid barrier.

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  • Various cleansers containing natural antimicrobial essential oils and substances can deeply purify the sebum and even help normalize its production without compromising the skin’s hydrolipid barrier or causing breakouts.

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