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  • n. Plural form of hydrolysis.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of hydrolyse.


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  • Lactase is an enzyme that hydrolyses (breaks down) the lactose in milk and milk products into glucose and galactose, two forms of simple sugars that can be digested and tolerated by lactose intolerant individuals.

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  • It hydrolyses lactose into two monosaccharides – glucose and galactose – and yields a naturally sweet, low lactose milk product.

    Better Lactose Makes Better Lactose-Free Milk

  • D. Dakin he investigated arginase, the ferment which hydrolyses arginine into urea and ornithine, and later he discovered agmatine in herring roe and devised a method for preparing it.

    Albrecht Kossel - Biography

  • It is important to insist upon it for the reason that this view gives the due proportion of chemical value to the several contributory treatments -- alkaline hydrolyses (caustic lime and soda boils), hypochlorite oxidations, and incidental acid treatments

    Researches on Cellulose 1895-1900

  • If the constitution of starch is shrouded in mystery and can only be vaguely expressed by generalising a complex mass of statistics of its successive hydrolyses, we can only still more vaguely guess at the distance which separates us from a mental picture of the cellulose unit.

    Researches on Cellulose 1895-1900

  • Alpha-glucosidase, expressed by C sakazakii, hydrolyses the chromogenic substrate in the medium, producing green to blue-green colonies.

    Laboratorytalk - laboratory industry news

  • In this process, some of the eugenol acetate hydrolyses, more so in the distillation of the comminuted spice, thus apparently increasing the eugenol content of the oil.

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