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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of hydrolyze.


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  • In reality, however, what protects the inside of a stomach from its own acid and pepsin, an enzyme that hydrolyzes proteins, is the coating of mucus that lines the inside wall of the stomach.

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  • The aluminum sulfide thus formed readily hydrolyzes to form aluminum hydroxide and hydrogen sulfide.

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  • (Compared with boiling, for instance, popping is so rapid that it takes little fuel and it denatures or hydrolyzes the proteins and vitamins only slightly.)

    10. Sorghum: Specialty Types

  • It adds vitamins, neutralizes most of the tannins, hydrolyzes the starch to more digestible forms, and increases the availability of minerals and vitamins.

    9. Sorghum: Commercial Types

  • Of course, one could use - propiolactone, which easily hydrolyzes to a non-toxic chemical (4), but perhaps a more realistic approach would be to alternate lactic fermentations with some that are more prone to contamination.

    Chapter 29

  • This is due to the fact that chromic sulphide, like aluminium sulphide, hydrolyzes in the presence of water, forming chromic hydroxide and hydrosulphuric acid.

    An Elementary Study of Chemistry

  • When water is added the two compounds react together, forming aluminium carbonate, which hydrolyzes into aluminium hydroxide and carbonic acid.

    An Elementary Study of Chemistry

  • Similarly a soluble sulphide, instead of precipitating aluminium sulphide (Al_ S_ ), precipitates aluminium hydroxide; for hydrogen sulphide is such a weak acid that the aluminium sulphide at first formed hydrolyzes at once, forming aluminium hydroxide and hydrogen sulphide:

    An Elementary Study of Chemistry

  • This is due to the fact that the salt hydrolyzes in solution into sodium hydroxide and disodium phosphate, as represented in the equation

    An Elementary Study of Chemistry

  • The resulting APT1-palmostatin B complex hydrolyzes slowly (kII) into active APT1 and the corresponding β-hydroxy acid.

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