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  • n. Any of a class of small, cysteine-rich proteins that are expressed only by filamentous fungi, known for their capability of forming a hydrophobic coating on the surface of an object.


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  • According to findings published in the Food Hydrocolloids, a protein called hydrophobin

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  • According to findings published in the Food Hydrocolloids, a protein called hydrophobin HFBII from a fungus called

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  • Germination - and loss of the hydrophobin layer - results in exposure of β-glucan, a ligand for dectin-1, resulting in stimulation of inflammatory cytokines from macrophages and activation of specific maturation phenotypes on dendritic cells (DC)

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  • Aimanianda V, Bayry J, Bozza S, Kniemeyer O, Perruccio K, et al. (2009) Surface hydrophobin prevents immune recognition of airborne fungal spores.

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  • The key to air filled emulsions is hydrophobin HFBII, protein extracted from

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  • Previously, researchers from Unilever resported that hydrophobin HFBII at a concentration of 0.1 per cent could produce food foams with exceptional stability, and this could lead to improvements in the physical and sensory properties of a range of products, including low fat whipping cream, ice cream and sorbets.

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  • Hakanpaa J, Paananen A, Askolin S, Nakari-Setala T, Parkkinen T, et al. (2004) Atomic resolution structure of the HFBII hydrophobin, a self-assembling amphiphile.

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  • "The reason is that the air cells in the air filled emulsion have a robust surface structure, given by the hydrophobin film, and this helps prevent disproportionation and ripening, over 45 days in our study.

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