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  • n. A white crystalline compound, C6H4(OH)2, used as a photographic developer, an antioxidant, a stabilizer, and a reagent.

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  • n. The diphenol para-dihydroxy benzene, used as a mild reducing agent in photographic developing; isomeric with catechol and resorcinol.

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  • n. A white crystalline substance, C6H4(OH)2, obtained by the reduction of quinone. It is a diacid phenol, resembling, and metameric with, pyrocatechin and resorcin. Called also dihydroxy benzene.

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  • n. A divalent phenol (C6H4 (OH)2) prepared by the oxidation of aniline and treatment of the quinol formed with sulphurous acid.


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hydro- +‎ quinone


  • Nail salons overflow with potent toxins; the women who work in them are overwhelmingly nonwhite, often Asian, with an average age of thirty-eight—which means many are of childbearing age.125 The skin-whitening products so popular in Asia frequently contain a carcinogen called hydroquinone, as well as the heavy metals chromium and mercury.126 And the hair relaxers aggressively marketed to African-American women are very toxic.


  • It turns out this kind of hydroquinone discussions are actually

    The Philippines According to Blogs

  • A: Superficial chemical peels or using a topical lightening agent such as hydroquinone, retinoid, AHA, glycolic acid, etc, are other ways to treat your condition.


  • Then by a miracle, the beetle develops the ability to produce hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide and mix them in his combustion chamber.

    Modern Science in the Bible

  • These liquids together form a very concentrated mixture of 10 percent hydroquinone and 28 percent hydrogen peroxide.

    Modern Science in the Bible

  • On top of that it must produce three highly concentrated chemicals: hydroquinone, hydrogen peroxide, and a catalyst.

    Modern Science in the Bible

  • Dermatologists typically prescribe products containing hydroquinone to make the melanocytes dormant.

    Best in Beauty

  • Using a 2.5% concentration of Actiwhite over a six-week period has effects similar to those of hydroquinone, but without causing sensitivity or irritation to the skin.

    Best in Beauty

  • Hydroquinone in skin lightening and face creams: Banned in the European Union but legal in the United States, hydroquinone is a suspected carcinogen.

    Marcia G. Yerman: What Price Beauty? New Legislation Seeks Safety Regulations

  • _Mercury and hydroquinone in cosmetics (soaps and creams) _Nitrates and nitrites in meat processing and preservation of tin foods.

    Enhancing Your Lifespan Through Your Lifestyle


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