hyperaggressive love



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  • adj. Extremely aggressive


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

hyper- +‎ aggressive


  • Do you think that the existence of rapists and murderers somehow justifies this kind of hyperaggressive, militarized posture on the part of government police?

    How cops see themselves

  • Mr. Rumsfeld also faults today's Washington culture, with a hyperaggressive Congress and more "litigious society."

    Rumsfeld's 'Slice of History'

  • Watching Mr. Clottey work out, one gets the impression that his camp believes their man needs to make the Pac Man pay for his hyperaggressive tendencies with hooks to the body.

    Pacquiao's Final Fight?

  • Will the wars of the future be won by hyperaggressive super-soldiers with electrodes grafted onto their brains?

    Primary Sources

  • Take away the pole, and we're still left with a host of problems and a crisis in masculinity: A culture that rewards men for being hyperaggressive and punishes those who can't or won't.

    Shira Tarrant: Hip to Strip? Or Is it Time for Men to Stop Watching?

  • After it was over, Michaels asked Cosell how he found the guts to get involved in a random street brawl between two hyperaggressive maniacs, both of whom could have killed him.

    Chuck Klosterman on Pop

  • In the meantime, the best thing Goo­gle has going for it is that even though it is by far the leading provider of online advertising, it has displayed none of the hyperaggressive attitude of Microsoft at a similar ascendant stage.

    Google’s Tar Pit

  • Federal Reserve and its hyperaggressive easing in response to the credit crisis, and the Bank of Japan's low interest rate policy.

    Globalized Inflation

  • Ken Lay, a soft-spoken statesman kind of guy with a Ph.D. in economics, found a hyperaggressive financial whiz named Jeff Skilling working in McKinsey & Co. 's energy practice in Houston.

    Who Killed Enron

  • Yet he also noted that the Bush Administration was incompetent in at least the former respect, and recognized them as essentially a bunch of pathologically insensitive and hyperaggressive bumblers "we are talking about nation-building ... and the Bushies seem much more adept at breaking things than building things".

    "getting rich by being wrong"


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