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  • n. The condition of being hyperalert


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  • He began to feel a hyperalertness and sense of mastery over his body and his life.

    Crazy Like Us

  • Autistic kids live in a state of hyperalertness, as if they were constantly suffering stage fright.

    How Do You Feel Now?

  • The crystalline white drug quickly seduces those who snort, smoke or inject it with a euphoric rush of confidence, hyperalertness and sexiness that lasts for hours on end.

    America's Most Dangerous Drug

  • Dreams are also often prophetic in nature and indicative of associative spacetime processes which give rise to such phenomena as Deja Vu, Precognition, as well as contributing to transient hyperalertness, suspiciousness, paranoia, and frank hallucinations when folks do really stupid stuff as was suggested by the Interviewer, like take large quantities of Melatonin and have dreams while awake.

    Mind Hacks: In Conversation on the psychology of dreams

  • He looked like a study in paradox, his body in repose, his eyes bright with drug-induced hyperalertness.


  • To judge well Lavoie needed to remain in a state of hyperalertness for more than two hours.


  • He sponged it down with ammonia, the sharp, pungent scent stinging his senses back into hyperalertness, while also destroying any evidence of fingerprints.

    The Killing Hour

  • At least two of the following symptoms that were not present before the trauma: 1. hyperalertness or exaggerated startled response 2. sleep disturbance 3. guilt about surviving when someone else has not, or about behavior required for survival 4. memory impairment or trouble concentrating 5. avoidance of activities that arouse recollection of the traumatic event 6. intensification of symptoms by exposure to events that symbolize or represent the traumatic event

    Healing After the Suicide of a Loved One

  • After experiences such as this, the brain can maintain the hyperalertness it feels is necessary to respond to any additional traumatic events.

    Doctors Without Borders

  • You may get a short 30 minute burst of hyperalertness, but it'll be quickly followed by a debilitating crash.



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