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  • n. The state of being hyperaware, or extremely sensitive to stimuli


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

hyperaware +‎ -ness


  • Being in the translation business leads to a hyperawareness of translation and its discontents.

    March « 2010 « Haikasoru: Space Opera. Dark Fantasy. Hard Science.

  • We also used to walk with a certain amount of hyperawareness.

    Smart Phones Foster Dumb Habits Among Pedestrians

  • It's the same hyperawareness to life and to everything around me, everything inside, that the readings used to conjure — now it's these people.


  • Their proverbial clay consisted of 950 hyperactive people, three out of five of them male, most based out of four main U.S. hubs: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Alongside a hyperawareness of advertising slogans, attendees embraced the music/video/light performances, free-flowing alcohol, beer-fueled panel discussions and elite networking interactions.

    Sebastian Lindstrom: Summit at Sea: Breeding Collaboration and Breaking Down Convention

  • I observed his every move in a state of cold hyperawareness.

    When You're Strange: Jim Morrison, Great American Poet?

  • As suddenly as the hyperawareness hit me, a wave of fear and insecurity followed it.

    The Exorsistah: X Returns

  • To the contrary, as illustrated by the odd behavior noted in that Washington Post article, they sometimes have a hyperawareness of their vulnerability to it.

    Just Tell the World, 'Go Hang'

  • The same “hyperawareness” experienced while lucid dreaming can be experienced in life itself, and it is amazing.

    Archive 2007-11-01

  • I don't completely agree with Lakoff's broad assumptive generalizations re: Conservative-think and policy -- I think he's deliberately oversimplifying and forcibly polarizing moderates in order to swell the enemy ranks -- but his basic arguments are sound, and his hyperawareness of the importance of language is a big honkin 'breath of fresh air.

    grad studies residue. apologizing in advance.

  • Now Alberich entered that singular state of hyperawareness that a fight put him into; he saw everything, but was affected emotionally by nothing.

    Exile's Honor


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