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  • adj. Of, relating to, producing, operating, or occurring at pressures higher than normal atmospheric pressure: a hyperbaric chamber.

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  • adj. Of, relating to, or utilizing greater than normal pressure (as of oxygen).

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  • adj. of, pertaining to, or using a pressure that is greater than normal atmospheric pressure.
  • adj. of, pertaining to, or using an oxygen pressure that is greater than that at normal atmospheric pressure.


hyper- +‎ baric (Wiktionary)


  • He is going to be undergoing what they call hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and that is said by doctors to help his neurological recovery.

    CNN Transcript Jan 5, 2006

  • That's right, Randy McCloy, Jr. is here because this is the closest facility to where he was in West Virginia that has what's called a hyperbaric chamber.

    CNN Transcript Jan 6, 2006

  • He's now in a hospital in Pittsburgh for a so-called hyperbaric treatment, that's essentially an oxygen-rich chamber at very high pressure.

    CNN Transcript Jan 6, 2006

  • Now a hyperbaric is a long case, like a long glass case, into which they slide in the patient, and the turn up the atmospheric pressure in there, and the body is infused with pure oxygen.

    CNN Transcript Jan 6, 2006

  • Well, Randy McCloy has been here since yesterday afternoon, and we know he received the first what have is called a hyperbaric chamber treatment yesterday.

    CNN Transcript Jan 6, 2006

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber United Kingdom www. "The word hyperbaric 'literally means high pressure'. - Articles related to These old eyes

  • Apparently, if there had been a water canopy, it would have increased the atmospheric pressure and oxygen content of the air, much like current "hyperbaric" recovery chambers in hospitals do (at least, in terms of the oxygen content).

    Bird brain? You wish!

  • - Do not confuse with lignocaine 5% hyperbaric which is reserved for spinal anaesthesia.

    Chapter 4

  • As researchers test high-tech PTSD treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen chambers and virtual-reality exposure therapy, a low-tech alternative is emerging in the form of man's best friend. Top Stories

  • It's why we've tried experimental treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy in which you and your child (or your child alone) hang out in a tent or long glass infused with pure oxygen, which may help "awaken" dormant areas of the brain.

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