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  • n. Plural form of hyperbola.


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  • As usual, what will remain in the public domain are the lies and hyperbolae, not the actual truth, once it has all settled down.

    Cthulhu Explains it All

  • Description: Dwyer did not have an overpowering fastball … But he could ‘distribute an assortment of variegated curves, elipses, hyperbolae and parabolae with … judgement,’ according to a St. Louis writer.

    The Neyer/James Guide To Pitchers

  • [231] The full title has some interest: _Vera circuli et hyperbolae quadratura cui accedit geometriae pars universalis inserviens quantitatum curvarum transmutationi et mensurae.

    A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume I (of II)

  • If we include this piece of hyperbolae in the article at all, it will have to be made plain that this is a person well known for mouthing off on matters of which he knows very little.

    Elections - fresh news by

  • I'd say it's just the kind of nonsensical hyperbolae I may choose to write abiout in my blog.

    Elections - fresh news by

  • Idipfum evidentitts etiam conflabit, ù defcriptae hyperbolae definiantur afymptoti.

    De funium tensione ...

  • Within this inner space, the plan of "beginning and end." moving waves between stellar and tangular hyperbolae of fields about centrifugal actions of the surround - interstellar matter. a star cluster, solar system or 15 The then newly formed stars ing light forms give rise to the be - a n d planets contain a core center 20 The grasp of certain laws of planet are created/establishing an ginnings of the galactic form. which is interpenetrated by an the universe is facilitated if we interconnecting force of universal 12 These pyramidal light forms elongated primary cone within a have a distinct picture, of the invis - gravitation a n d the operations of contain the basic codes of the ma - shorter secondary cone operating in ible operations before us. waves pervading nature. terial cycles of creation, and pro - pairs, creating a bipolarity.

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  • Presently, this can be dem - their place within three - fined by rectangular hyperbolae; (3) space quanta not generated from onstrated on the earth plane by dimensional grid networks. the resulting gravitational cones; these pyramidal assemblies of electrodynamics, but not gravita - 25 These complex grids function and (4) the concepts of wave fields light.) tion.

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