hypercapitalist love



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  • adj. Exhibiting or pertaining to hypercapitalism.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

hyper- +‎ capitalist


  • Every one of those protesters deserve credit for building a serious popular movement which did not riot, but which questioned the values of the hypercapitalist age in which we all, to some extent, collaborate.

    In praise of … Daphni Leef | Editorial

  • Taxi drivers and passengers in communist Cuba now enjoy freer markets for transit than their counterparts in hypercapitalist Las Vegas.

    In twenty words or fewer: Comparative Politics edition

  • Set about sixty years in the future, the novel sets up a post climate-crisis world divided into three spheres of influence: the Dispensation, a hypercapitalist, entertainment-obsessed culture centered in Los Angeles; the Aquis, a global environmentalist culture that uses Big Brotherish-techniques to influence its followers; and China, the only remaining nation-state.

    2009 June 28 « Exile on Ninth Street

  • Learning how the most successful people's movements of our lifetimes were hijacked by the hypercapitalist freemarketeers is just crushing.

    thoughts on naomi klein's shock doctrine

  • The hypercapitalist economy we've built isn't about deep, sustainable value creation.

    Hypercapitalism and Open Source

  • The linguistic and cultural affinity between Hong Kong and mainland China, coupled with the city's hypercapitalist economy, makes it an ideal environment to train managers for other posts abroad.

    Hong Kong's Bank Buzz

  • See also Paul Virilio for a more focused exploration of *speed* as a dominant force of contemporary hypercapitalist life.

    affect vs. feeling, states vs. war machines | Goblin Mercantile Exchange

  • We're building fantastically complex engines in order to create a virtual world where the economics are a kind of ghastly parody of hypercapitalist accumulation?

    Rubicite Breastplates & Narrative Nudges

  • I'm going to stick with my theory that this is a de-ethnicized version of the notion of the International Jew, a hydra-headed cosmopolitan monster who's both a hypercapitalist and a filthy commie (and a proponent of letting dark-hued workers run riot in the pure American streets).

    No More Mister Nice Blog

  • I think we are still learning how to deal with this globalized, hypercapitalist, hyperdigitized 21st century lifestyle.

    reddit.com: what's new online!


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