hypercorrected love


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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of hypercorrect.


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  • When someone mistakenly uses "you and I" in an attempt to avoid breaking the "don't use 'me' incorrectly" rule, he or she has hypercorrected, which is to say, flubbed.

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  • Over time, Jasanoff presumes that as subjunctives became presents in their own right, they developed "doubly marked" subjunctives (hence the original subjunctive *bʰer-e-t(i) was replaced by a hypercorrected *bʰer-e-e-t(i) - *bʰer-ē-t(i)).

    Lehmann's dismissal of PIE *swe

  • It even shows a hypercorrected name Ferclite which was originally Herclite.

    The f to h sound change in Etruscan

  • If you eat like Bob and I, you will be healthy. is a hypercorrection (though still probably "right" in some people's personal hypercorrected dialects, e.g. the people answering above).

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