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  • adj. Describing an increase in both blood pressure and pulse pressure

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  • In pathology, characterized by excessive violence or excitement, as the vital powers in some kinds or states of disease.


hyper- +‎ dynamic (Wiktionary)


  • But in the current hyperdynamic situation, I believe we need to focus on dancing with the new, not fighting with it.


  • The contrasting effects of dopamine and norepinephrine on systemic and splanchnic oxygen utilization in hyperdynamic sepsis.

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  • Generation of the hyperdynamic state is dependent on fluid repletion.

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  • Inotropic Therapy in Sepsis Overview Sepsis is characterized by a hyperdynamic state, with normal-to-low blood pressure, normal-to-high cardiac index, and a low systemic vascular resistance. 1,43 Although cardiac output is usually maintained in the volume-resuscitated septic patient, a number of investigations4,125,126 have demonstrated that cardiac function is impaired.

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  • Inotropic Therapy When adequately fluid resuscitated, most septic patients are hyperdynamic, but myocardial contractility, as assessed by ejection fraction, is impaired. 4 Some patients, especially those with preexisting cardiac dysfunction, may have decreased cardiac output and may require inotropic agents such as dobutamine, dopamine, and epinephrine.

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  • Martin et al. 97 prospectively randomized 32 volume-resuscitated patients with hyperdynamic sepsis syndrome to receive either dopamine or norepinephrine to achieve and maintain normal hemodynamic and oxygen transport parameters for at least 6 hrs.

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  • It may be used as an alternative agent in patients with hyperdynamic septic shock who require a vasopressor agent but would not benefit from a further increase in cardiac inotropic function.

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  • Unfortunately, there are only a few studies evaluating the clinical use of phenylephrine in hyperdynamic sepsis.

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  • In a dose-response study, phenylephrine was administered to hyperdynamic septic patients who were normotensive at the time of drug therapy. 124 In incremental doses of 0.5 to 8 µg / kg / min, phenylephrine increased MAP, systemic vascular resistance, and stroke index, while no change was seen in cardiac index.

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  • Differential impairment of vascular reactivity of small pulmonary and systemic arteries in hyperdynamic sepsis.

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