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  • adj. Extremely fast.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

hyper- +‎ fast


  • Of course, if the Jackal were a more generous soul, he might consider friending Zuckerberg, just to give him some avuncular heads up on how quickly, in our hyperfast modern world, a man's historical moment can fade away.

    Carlos And Zuckerberg: The Men, Myths, Movies

  • She spoke hyperfast and emphasised her words with upward jabs of her fingers.

    Once upon a life: Toby Litt

  • But equally important is the dancing that goes with it; hyperfast footwork, the odd avian-like leg movements and, for the women, a lot of ass-shaking in colourful skirts.

    Scene and heard: Shangaan electro

  • Hiroto, Don home office home-based business tips for honesty hostile-aggressive behavior humor hyperalert state hyperfast and hyperfocused types adrenaline in and flow missing the zone overstimulation of tension in

    Find Your Focus Zone

  • Or do you get too hyperfast and too hyperfocused like Todd?

    Find Your Focus Zone

  • At home on Saturday morning, when Joe feels overstimulated, his mind races and he gets too hyperfast.

    Find Your Focus Zone

  • Did you find that one described you better than the others—having attention swings, being scattered and spacey, or being hyperfast and hyperfocused?

    Find Your Focus Zone

  • Finally, our resident adventurer Jim Clash and President John Carbonall of Superboats International tell us about the hyperfast sport of hydroplane boating.

    Forbes On Radio: Sept. 9, 2006

  • In DDR, players stomp around on a grid of brightly lit squares while hyperfast techno music blares at them from a video display unit.

    Boing Boing: May 23, 2004 - May 29, 2004 Archives

  • We had settled on Padang not just for its convenience — Sumatra was the land mass closest to the Arch — but because its hyperfast economic growth and the recent troubles with the New Reformasi government in Jakarta had made the city a functioning anarchy.



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