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  • n. Excessive flexion of a joint.


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hyper- +‎ flexion


  • Stewards will be trembling in their galoshes: Dressage Committee Chair Frank Kemperman is to head a group which will expand the current guidelines for stewards to move along the implementation of the FEI's anti-hyperflexion policy. Headlines

  • Equine Biomechanics - The Key to Balanced Riding ", she discussed the detrimental effects of Rollkur/hyperflexion, and writes" Take 10 minutes of your time to get into a kneeling position and crawl around with your chin stuck to your chest. Headlines

  • Finger hyperflexion with light pressure (palm downwards).

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  • He described his system as a forward, with the movement system, not a seat based system, that was more French than Anglo Germanic in its derivation. hyperflexion and overbending, labelling this type of training as horse abuse. Headlines

  • It showed Swedish rider Patrik Kittel at October's World Cup dressage qualifiers at Odense in Denmark warming up his horse, Watermill Scandic, for a sustained period of time in the position, also known as hyperflexion.

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  • The British Horse Society has weighed in on the use of hyperflexion in the training of horses, labelling the practise as "unacceptable". Headlines

  • The organisation said it doubts that science will ever provide a single, clear, unambiguous and unarguable answer to the issue of hyperflexion or 'rollkur'. Headlines

  • "Whilst we appreciate that horses are as individual as humans, and that some may require corrective schooling, the BHS's stand on hyperflexion (by which we mean the extreme flexion of the horse's head and neck beyond normal limits) remains clear: it is an unacceptable method of training horses by any rider for any length of time," the BHS said. Headlines

  • Hyperextension or hyperflexion may close off the airway.

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  • Fashion was a factor -- even with the imagined perils of avalanches, bottomless crevasses and the prospect of having my knee and skull bones meeting in a looping juniper bush hyperflexion and leaving my skis and poles scattered around the mountain.

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