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  • n. A generalization of a graph, in which edges can connect any number of vertices.


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hyper- +‎ graph


  • However, Cutkosky was able to provide an alternate method of detecting primes for a hypergraph in any dimension, relying on different structures than those used in the two-dimensional theorem.

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  • In this lecture, we use topological dynamics methods to prove some other Ramsey-type theorems, and more specifically the polynomial van der Waerden theorem, the hypergraph Ramsey theo ...

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  • - uniform hypergraph and you want a monochromatic complete subhypergraph with one has the usual finite Ramsey theorem for graphs, and although getting good asymptotics for is a major open problem in combinatorics, at least the general type of function is known: the growth is exponential in the general type of the function is no longer known.

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