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  • noun science fiction A jump that transports some physical object immediately from one place to another, as by a hyperdrive or jump drive.
  • noun mathematics, logic A form of Turing jump in hyperarithmetic


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hyper- +‎ jump


  • Since it was a transition-type vessel it could not fly faster than the speed of light on a straight line of sight but had to traverse vast distances by the usual means of the hyperjump.

    Good Night, Mrs. Calabash

  • In open transition, all the ships made a hyperjump in the direction of Terra.

    Good Night, Mrs. Calabash

  • We had not foreseen that the strangers would be able to harness our ship to their own, as happened in the case of the K-7, and to perform a hyperjump together.

    Parlor Games

  • Rhodan manages the hyperjump in the Arkonide space sphere.

    Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror: The Secret of the Time Vault - Clark Darlton

  • He lost the Australian shortly after relinquishing his bag, but Maté Perez-Salazar seemed to cling to his peripheral vision like a berm-runner on an illegal hyperjump.

    The Kobayashi Maru

  • I think I could gimmick a small ship (if he'll give us one) and hyperjump us to Earth.

    The Norby Chronicles

  • Jeff, if you and Norby want to link minds with the Hopeful's computer and hyperjump us with the Jamyn ship, I'm willing.

    The Norby Chronicles

  • But after the first hyperjump of only 4,000 light-years I was compelled to send the 3 commanders home again.

    Duel Under the Double Sun

  • At the beginning of the flight the cosmonauts had not made any complicated hyperjump calculations with all their associated chances for error.

    Duel Under the Double Sun

  • Rhodan's orders stirred up the other members of the crew who were leaning back in contour chairs or holding fast to table edges, trying to overcome the shock of hyperjump.

    Venus in Danger


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