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  • adj. Exceptionally literate.
  • adj. Literate in hypertext or hyperliterature.


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hyper- +‎ literate


  • It has better diction than most of the rock stars I've met, and most of the rock stars I've met have been the "hyperliterate" wordy indie rock types.

    He is the very model of a modern major poet...

  • He has the kind of "hyperliterate" style that "went out of style when Warren Zevon died," says another.

    All articles at Blogcritics

  • I can't tell if that last post is some kind of hyperliterate metacommentary on Kirkland's hatred for Lady Gaga or just an oversight.


  • Some writers might still be valued because they can be used to shore up ideological positions, but "literature" as the record and register of literary art is held in contempt, at best the avocation of amateur readers (including bloggers), at worst a fancy instrument of oppression wielded by hyperliterate elites.

    Literary Study

  • Expecting Alan Moore to dumb his work down to your level on a series that is targeted to the hyperliterate is sheer idiocy, but hey, I hear The Hills is popular.

    Robot reviews: LoEG Century: 1910 | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment

  • Because Self's enjoyable and hyperliterate essays, laden with cranky asides and thoughtful considerations about the fixed manner in which humans unwittingly accept their spatial limitations, deserves your consideration.

    JD Salinger Dead : Edward Champion’s Reluctant Habits

  • He introduced me to Jon, a frail yet culturally hyperliterate dude from Paoli, PA, and from then on, "Meat is Murder" never stopped wafting through the dorm.

    6/17/02 I like my friends

  • Expect fewer keyboards, more guitars - and just as many hyperliterate rock-nerd anthems - on the Brooklyn rockers 'fifth studio album.

    JAM! Showbiz

  • Written at the gleeful height of Updike's powers, The Coup consists of the verbally dazzling memoirs of a hyperliterate American-educated official in the fictitious African country of Kush.


  • Whedon (who returns to TV next season with "Dollhouse") had an almost unrivaled ability to do two things very well - move a complicated plot along while also packing each episode with emotional moments that made you not just care about his hyperliterate characters, but root for their ever-changing relationships to thrive.



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