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  • n. Frequent mutation
  • n. The organism or gene that results from such a mutation


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  • The same thing goes for the immune system (progressive improvement of binding), but somatic hypermutation is an informationally-driven process, with selection (and, in the case of SMH, it is an artificial selection) accounting for only a small part of the innovation.

    A New Book

  • When such patients were treated with Temodar and subsequently had a recurrence of the tumor, it was very likely to become resistant to treatment because of "hypermutation" -- an increased rate of gene changes that led to the tumor's ability to evade the drugs.

    The Medical Quack

  • It is thus not inconceivable that some of the sequences in the proposed Universal Genome in the Origin of Metazoa might have no immediate effect on fitness, but still have a function by acting as a reservoir of genetic material on which variation inducing mechanisms such as sequence duplication, somatic hypermutation, gene conversion and homologous recombination can act upon during periods of selection.

    2008 September - Telic Thoughts

  • It might tell us what its direct evolutionary history is, maybe allow us to distinguish genetic 'borrowings' [HGT] from duplication-hypermutation from top-down organization of trans-retrotrans pieces-parts.

    Darwin's Defenders Go Neo-Lamarckian

  • Our favorite heroes in many comic series are just ordinary Janes and Joes, thrust into extraordinary circumstances by fate, radioactive ooze or genetic hypermutation.

    Jonah Lalas: Obama At Comic Con

  • The research findings still generate a lot of ink, but so far no researcher has empirically established via pre or post-selection genome sequencing of individual cells in the experimental population that triggered hypermutation occurs in ALL genes.

    Analogy, How Scientifically Powerful is It?

  • Further extension of this class through iterative somatic hypermutation yielded fluorescent proteins with emission wavelengths up to 650 nanometers.

    Archive 2005-10-01

  • Mutagenesis research efforts, including novel techniques such as somatic hypermutation, are continuing in the search for yellow, orange, red, and deep red fluorescent protein variants that further reduce the tendency of these potentially efficacious biological probes to self-associate while simultaneously pushing emission maxima towards longer wavelengths.

    Archive 2005-10-01

  • While the details of class-switching and somatic hypermutation are of interest to only a handful of scientists, this research is significant to the ID/evolution debate in several ways.

    3 recent reports use evolution to study mechanisms of antibody diversification - The Panda's Thumb

  • In a putative model of somatic hypermutation, AID binds to the VDJ exon of the antibody and converts random cytosines to uracils represented by asterisks.

    3 recent reports use evolution to study mechanisms of antibody diversification - The Panda's Thumb


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