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  • noun Plural form of hyperon.


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  • First to observe mass splitting of charged sigma hyperons

    Goldhaber, Sulamith.

  • Sula gave a memorable introductory talk on heavy mesons and hyperons at the 1956 Rochester Conference; much of what she reported was her own work.

    Goldhaber, Sulamith.

  • As examples, she and Gerson were the first to observe the mass splitting of the charged Sigma hyperons, and she, working with most of the Berkeley exponents of the nuclear emulsion technique, observed the first nuclear interactions of the newly discovered antiprotons.

    Goldhaber, Sulamith.

  • Next we compute the coefficient of bulk viscosity and the corresponding damping time scale due to the non-leptonic weak process including $\Lambda$ hyperons.


  • As large number of hyperons may be produced in dense matter, hyperon-hyperon interaction is important and included in this model.


  • The quarks involved are always forming hyperons of the same matter-type as the xena and mesons always of the “opposite” matter-type of the xena.

    arxiv Find: Dark Matter and Sterile Neutrinos

  • The generation of the hyperons and mesons is defined by their constituent quarks.

    arxiv Find: Dark Matter and Sterile Neutrinos

  • They did not interact by the "strong" nuclear force, which on the other hand, characterized the protons, neutrons, mesons and hyperons (a set of particles heavier than the protons).

    The Nobel Prizes in Physics 1901-2000

  • The core of an exploded giant sun, a mass almost half again Sol's, jammed down by its own gravity till it's that small, that dense, no longer atoms but sheer neutrons, except that at the center the density may go so high that neutrons themselves fuse into something else, hyperons, about which we know little and I lust to know more.


  • Professors Carson Jeffries and Gilbert Shapiro, pioneered the development and use of polarized proton targets to study the spin dependence of a wide variety of high energy processes, including the scattering of pi-mesons and protons on polarized protons, the determination of the parity of hyperons, and a test of time reversal symmetry in electron-proton scattering.

    Owen Chamberlain - Biography


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