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  • adj. Farsighted; of, having, or pertaining to hyperopia.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Pertaining to or exhibiting hypermetropia.

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  • adj. abnormal ability to focus of distant objects


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  • Yet if I'm myopic in one eye, I'm hyperopic in the other as I think grandiose thoughts that are subject to "Lifetime achievement" awards should I ever manage to pull them off.

    A Vision of Research

  • Novartis bets on farsightedness NOVARTIS'S VISION has gone hyperopic.

    In deal for eye-care firm Alcon,

  • Mr. Wills's eye for political misinterpretation seems hyperopic.


  • In the farsighted or hyperopic eye, the eyeball is usually too short for the rays to be properly focused on the sensitive nerve area in the back of the eye.

    The Home Medical Library, Volume II (of VI)

  • In this case the eye is made farsighted or hyperopic in one meridian, and is normal in the other.

    The Home Medical Library, Volume II (of VI)

  • In mixed astigmatism, one of the principal meridians is myopic, the other hyperopic; in compound astigmatism the principal meridians are both myopic, or both hyperopic, but differ in degree; while in irregular astigmatism, rays of light passing through different parts of the outer surface of the eyeball are turned in so many various directions that they can never be brought to a perfect focus by glasses.

    The Home Medical Library, Volume II (of VI)

  • For example, in simple astigmatism one of the principal meridians is hyperopic (turning the rays so that they focus behind the retina) or myopic (bending the rays so that they focus in front of the retina), while the other meridian is normal.

    The Home Medical Library, Volume II (of VI)

  • The commonest cases of eye-strain are in eyes that are too flat (_hyperopic_) where this little muscle has to

    A Handbook of Health

  • The presentations, based on studies conducted by leading surgeons around the world, confirmed that the Visian ICL and new Visian ICL with CentraFLOW technology offer superior visual results over a wide range of myopic and hyperopic refractive errors, including those within the most popular LASIK areas of treatment.

  • If you computer hardware memory with dormie again your hyperopic chalkpit of fuentes is intelligently to lophodytes from rayless and usumbura allochronic ephesus, apps and expenditure for your argasidae.

    Rational Review


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