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  • adj. Of or pertaining to hyperphagia


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hyper- + -phagic


  • When winter is near, these bears will become "hyperphagic" and will go on impressive feeding frenzies that make sharks seem picky.

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  • Grizzlies are pretty much hyperphagic all the time they're awake, but in the fall August, maybe September, they have a ready supply of berries to make them use their time efficiently.

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  • Not sure whether Deans are similarly hyperphagic on a non-climatic basis.

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  • The economic climate is going into a deep freeze, and Grizzly Deans are getting hyperphagic.

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  • This had happened to us before when the temperature had suddenly dropped from 80 to the mid-30s with sleet and snow, and the hen browns had become hyperphagic, literally wild for food against the coming winter, and we caught 30 on a stretch of river we'd always thought of as "dead."

    Fifty Days on the Water

  • But other structures such as the hypothalmus also potentiate rage – the hyperphagic hypothalamus rage syndrome.

    Day Four – Al Gore « Climate Audit

  • Figure 2: The hyperphagic and hypophagic effects of THC depend on CB

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  • 'In my view the solution is not to stop using computers and those things but maybe to compensate this excess mental activity by having good physical activity regimen to prevent the hyperphagic effects of mental work.'

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  • Physical exercise - and the more strenuous the better - counteracts the hunger pangs, or hyperphagic effects, of sitting at a computer.

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  • Specifically, increased production of the neurotransmitter neuropeptide Y and decreased production of proopiomelanocortiini products in the hypothalamus explain the hyperphagic response.

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