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  • adj. Extremely rational.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

hyper- +‎ rational


  • As an aside, I once had the honor of being decribed by Judge Posner as "hyperrational".

    Center for American Progress Action Fund

  • You feel your way with the speed of light, by some hyperrational process, to truth.

    Chapter 31

  • A slick presence with a knack for intraoffice politics, Romney quickly advanced at the legendary Bain & Co. consulting firm on the strength of his agile intellect and hyperrational, consensus-seeking style.

    America, Inc.

  • Humans are rarely (if ever) the hyperrational agents described by traditional game theory.

    Evolutionary Game Theory

  • The statement that the gothic is "an artistic representation, in whatever form, of the oppressive shadow of the unknown, or even the unknowable, that dogs the human race" reminds me of The Hound of the Baskervilles, that combination of gothic novel and detective story, with the gothic detective himself, Sherlock Holmes, he of the hyperrational brain and drug habit.

    What Chloe Said

  • What form of delusion—or desperation—had overtaken him that would make him believe that this hyperrational former drone could be a friend?

    String Theory, Book 3: Evolution

  • Precious little fireworks, but hey, we're still married after 21 years, so here's two thumbs up for the hyperrational approach.

    The Rulez Part Deux

  • Depending on the situation, he can be hyperrational or full of faith, left- or right-brained, short or long term.

    Fast Company on Jeff Bezos

  • But, under the assumption of complete information, negotiators are assumed to be omniscient, hyperrational beings who fully know what others value.

    The Manager as Negotiator Bargaining for Cooperation and Competitive Gain

  • The Nexus One phone was sold online, without binding contracts, which any hyperrational economist could tell you was a better deal; they missed the way the general public chooses those ripoff pricing plans every time, and requires decent by phone company standards, for goodness' sake! customer service. News


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