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from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun The state or character of being over-sensitive.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

  • noun the state of being hypersensitive


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  • She remained quiet, for she had learned the hypersensitiveness induced by drink and was fastidiously careful not to hurt him even with the knowledge that she had lain awake for him.


  • Many an extra franc and taler and lira did this hypersensitiveness cost him.

    The Way Home

  • Bilphistic mother, or some inherited hypersensitiveness, made her susceptible to any suggestion of the psychic, and, far from gullible about the motives of people, she was inclined to credit any extraordinary happening attributed to the whimsical perambulations of the buried.

    The Beautiful and Damned

  • Reciprocally in hypophysectomized animals there is hypersensitiveness to insulin, and in fasting, their blood sugar and glycogen falls more rapidly and markedly than in normal animals.

    Bernardo Houssay - Nobel Lecture

  • Nevertheless, this important discovery does not explain all the facts, e.g. the hypersensitiveness to insulin of hypophysectomized animals.

    Bernardo Houssay - Nobel Lecture

  • The diagnostician should take note of local manifestations of hypersensitiveness, or heat if such exist, and, in addition, other conditions must be excluded before definite conclusions are possible.

    Lameness of the Horse Veterinary Practitioners' Series, No. 1

  • They are, above all, characterized by a marked hypersensitiveness and by a lack of harmonious relationship between the various psychic functions.

    Studies in Forensic Psychiatry

  • In most other cases the impulses thus aroused have found their expression in a hypersensitiveness in regard to certain phases of personal conduct.

    Church Cooperation in Community Life

  • The hypersensitiveness of Sophia Blashkov, during the months before his birth, reproduced itself, with startling similarity, in the youth whose sensibilities had been so sharpened by long pampering in the hot-house atmosphere of luxurious idleness; and an attitude of constant flattery and suavity from the men and women in whose eyes he was always haloed by

    The Genius

  • The patient may have extreme pain in the region of the head, ovaries, spine; in some parts of the skin there is extreme hypersensitiveness

    Woman Her Sex and Love Life


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