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  • n. Plural form of hypersensitivity.


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  • While diagnosing allergies and hypersensitivities is often a long and difficult task, none of the alternative therapies are worth anything at all, less alone hundreds or thousands of dollars for useless tests.

    Don't Get Fooled by Quack Allergy Test

  • The public needs this information so that they can identify whether they have "hypersensitivities" to any of the ingredients and whether they are at risk of experiencing a serious allergic reaction.

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  • GSD gut half and half health hemorrhoids hot dogs hydrogen breath test hypersensitivities

    PETA Outsillies Itself

  • If they occur more frequently than that, we start to look for a reason like food hypersensitivities, allergies, or thyroid conditions to name a few.

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  • Resurfacing isn't suitable for everyone, such as older patients, those with osteoporosis, impaired kidney function, known metal hypersensitivities and large areas of dead bone.

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  • Electromagnetic Sensitivity is a painful chronic illness of hypersensitivities reactions to electromagnetic radiations for which there is no known cure.

    American Chronicle

  • However, in an effort to appease the hypersensitivities of the Alabama NAACP, maybe the ladies should wear rap video-ho stitchings.


  • A minority have epilepsy, and gut problems are quite common, but, for most, "quality of life" depends on quality of care and understanding, appropriate education, and a living environment that takes account of their sensory hypersensitivities.

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  • Animals experiencing such a maternal deficit during their early days later suffer from extreme hypersensitivities to stress-inducers.

    Uncommon Descent

  • ●Muscle twitching ●Loss of balance and clumsiness Overload phenomena: ●hypersensitivities to light, sound motion, odors ●Inability to block out background noise and focus on on conversation ●Informational overload with inability to multi-task ●Motor overload, with staggering and weakness ●dizziness ●numbness ●tinnitus (ringing in the ears) ●nausea ●shooting pain ●Overload may cause temporary immobilization Immune Dysfunction ●A general ill or flu-like feeling, more frequent in the acute onset stage of the illness, less frequent in the chronic stages, most notably post-exertionally ●tender lymph nodes ●recurrent sore throat ●new food sensitivities ●new

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