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  • n. Plural form of hypersphere.


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  • After bizarre conversations with Mike/Anthony/vegan friend of Mike's (you know you're in a weird conversation when the words "hyperspheres" and "fetishes" are mentioned in the same sentence .....), went out on Oz's bday celebration yesterday.

    February 26th, 2003

  • Time to fly, but balloons not quite the tech for hyperspheres.

    Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror: Vacuum Diagrams - Stephen Baxter

  • Assuming that fifth axiom is false provides the basis for non-Euclidean geometry, extending the 2-dimensional realm of squares, circles and triangles from planes to the surfaces of spheres, and hyperspheres.

    Unclear on the Concept

  • “Surfaces” of constant fitness are hyperspheres i.e., circles when n = 2, spheres when n = 3, … that are centered on the optimal phenotype.

    Evolution of "Hello World" using random mutation and selection - The Panda's Thumb

  • "Give them the information that will enable them to make a miniature universe ... one of Caroline's hyperspheres."

    The Cosmic Engineer

  • "The Engineer understands the equation for the hyperspheres," she was saying.

    The Cosmic Engineer

  • Caroline's hyperspheres might take care of the energy, but we can't be sure.

    The Cosmic Engineer

  • Though it was a completely instinctive process, Odo’s first mentor in the world of solids, Dr. Mora Pol, had theorized that Odo’s ability to alter the shape of his molecular structure actually enabled him to form four-dimensional lattices in the shape of hyperspheres and tesseracts—geometric shapes that could not exist in only three dimensions.


  • "If we don't come back," she said, "try the hyperspheres anyhow.

    The Cosmic Engineer


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