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  • n. Plural form of hypocotyl.


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  • Symptoms include reddish or brown lesions on the hypocotyls (belowground portion of the stem) and rotting of the lateral roots from one to several weeks after emergence.

    Chapter 10

  • If such an idea as yours, of an absorbing organ, had ever crossed my mind, I would have tried many hypocotyls in weak citrate of ammonia, to see if it penetrated on line of junction more easily than elsewhere.

    More Letters of Charles Darwin — Volume 2

  • A: Polar auxin transport assays in wild-type and ein2 hypocotyls.

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  • Gravity-induced modifications to development in hypocotyls of Arabidopsis tubulin mutants.

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  • No surprise by now that they're not tubers, but enlarged hypocotyls (the portion of the stem of a seedling between the seed leaves and the roots).

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  • Cyclamen, gloxinia and celeriac also have enlarged hypocotyls.

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  • However, unlike WT embryos no clear distinction in expression pattern could be made between the embryonic root and the hypocotyls.

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  • In adult embryos expression was detected in the QC and future endodermis of the embryonic roots and in the hypocotyls.

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  • Similar to WT, in mature icr1 embryos SCR expression was detected in the embryonic root and hypocotyls.

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  • P. sojae cultures, were transferred to plant hypocotyls (15-20 per cultivar), mycelial side down roughly 2-3 cm from the base of the cotyledon.

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