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  • n. Abnormally low function.


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hypo- +‎ function


  • Endocrine (growth failure, thyroid hypofunction, infertility)

    Coping with late effects of cancer treatment

  • Or if hyper symptoms do raise their ugly heads with a suppressed TSH, doctors are clueless about the problem of adrenal fatigue, aka low cortisol causing the problem, and the need for correct treatment of either sluggish adrenals or an HPA (hypothalamus/pituitary/adrenals) hypofunction.

    TSH: Thyroid Stimulating Hooey & The Loss of Wisdom

  • Frontal lobe hypofunction, loss of temporal and transcortical metabolic patterns should correlate with full tracking neuropsychological testing and QEEG voltage patterns and coherence pattern analysis of intercortical frequencies.


  • The similarities have been so striking as to contribute to a shift away from purely dopaminergic models of schizophrenia to nMDA hypofunction models, which suggest that glutamate as well as dopamine are responsible for the abnormal function of the schizotypic brain. see e.g.

    Mind Hacks: Through the k-hole

  • Additional amygdala hypofunction in relation to sad expressions might indicate why EO-CD is more severe and

    Archives of General Psychiatry current issue

  • In particular, aberrant TGF - β1 overexpression caused salivary gland hypofunction in this mouse model because of the replacement of normal glandular parenchyma with interstitial fibrous tissue.

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  • Patients with myelofibrosis have primary bone marrow hypofunction, but they also have, to varying degrees, high levels of proinflammatory cytokines, which lead to many of the constitutional symptoms from which the patients suffer.

    Incyte CEO Discusses Q3 2010 Results - Earnings Call Transcript -- Seeking Alpha

  • I would say that there are patients who get better in terms of their hemoglobin and transfusion independence, and there are also people, as Paul talked about, whose bone marrow hypofunction is the main reason for their anemia, who don't get better, or might get even slightly worse.

    Incyte CEO Discusses Q3 2010 Results - Earnings Call Transcript -- Seeking Alpha

  • Hypofunction of tissues and organs Gastrointestinal hypofunction digestive juice enzyme volume enzyme activity peristaltic function digestive function diarrhea occurs Circulatory hypofunction cardiac contractility cardiac output blood pressure Pulse is week.

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  • VD deficiency reduction of intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphate Hypocalcemia Parathyroid hormone hyperfunction hypofunction Excretion of urinary P↑ decalcification of mobilization of bone old bone↑ Calcium into blood Serum p ↓ Ca normal or slightly↓ Ca X p↓

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