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  • n. a decrease in the epigenetic methylation of cytosine and adenosine residues in DNA


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  • The so-called hypomethylation of the AVP enhancer region was specific to an area of the brain that is intimately involved in stress related hormone release.

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  • However, separate analyses in the same study showed that pancreatic cancers with reduced MTHFR function due to loss of an MTHFR allele had more DNA hypomethylation and more chromosomal deletions.

    Meat diet reduces risk of pancreatic cancer | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • Validation studies showed that hypermethylation or hypomethylation of Alu elements in human cell lines could be detected sensitively by the assay after treatment with 5-aza-dC and M. SssI, respectively.

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  • Alu hypomethylation in primary gastric carcinomas could be detected with the Cac8I COBRA-DHPLC assay quantitatively.

    BioMed Central - Latest articles

  • This information is useful for understanding natural status of Alu in the genome and helpful for developing an optimal assay to quantify Alu hypomethylation.

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  • HQ induced global DNA hypomethylation at a level intermediate to melphalan (no effect) and etoposide (potent effect).

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  • In addition to cytogenetic changes, global DNA hypomethylation may be another mechanism underlying the leukemogenicity of benzene.

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  • Global DNA hypomethylation was reported in a population exposed to benzene, but has not been confirmed in vitro.

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  • DNA hypomethylation after 5-Azacytidine treatment.

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  • Schmidtmann A, Xi S, Briones V, Zhu H, et al. (2008) DNA hypomethylation caused by Lsh deletion promotes erythroleukemia development.

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