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  • n. Plural form of hyponym.


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  • Perhaps my application seeks to tie a community of musicians together and it would be useful to find paths amongst instruments as well as roots hyponyms and related items.

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  • "Here you can see present subjects, look for genus subjects (hypernyms) and narrower subjects (hyponyms) of given subject, and of course, you can find records with given subject."

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  • It has to be categorized under "animal" (a supernym) and related to its hyponyms, like "Sumatran tiger."

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  • Either use a set of hyponyms as the structure for your poem or write a poem around the phrase, "He was blue, she was a rabbit."


  • The lexical structure of the domain is flat there are no hyponyms or hypernyms among ideophones (Watson 2001) there is only synonymy and antonymy

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  • As for the students who are learning about Computer Science through Python, Iā€™m sure you can think of some ways to add language analysis to all the fun ā€“ or at the very least to impress your English teachers with your knowledge of hyponyms. from import rude rude.demo

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