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  • n. A form of immunotherapy in which the patient is vaccinated with progressively larger doses of an allergen to which they have been diagnosed as being sensitive.


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  • In a second study in the same journal, Waldinger used what is known as hyposensitization therapy on two of the men, injecting them first with very dilute solutions of their own semen, then over a period of months with more concentrated forms.

    chicagotribune.com - News

  • The second study, conducted on just two patients, was an opportunity for Waldinger to try a standard allergy treatment called hyposensitization therapy.

    TIME.com: Top Stories

  • Netherlands, published two studies in the Journal of Sexual Medicine which suggest that men with POIS have an allergy to their own semen, and that a treatment known as hyposensitization therapy can help reduce its impact.

    Reuters: Top News

  • This is called "hyposensitization" using small amounts to reduce sensitivity.

    Dr. Richard Palmquist: Does Your Pet Have Allergies?

  • If this is confirmed by further studies, then clinical investigation of marijuana hyposensitization (immunotherapy) may be warranted.

    50% of Population Allergic to Marijuana Pollen | Impact Lab

  • NAET, acupuncture, herbs, and constitutional homeopathy have helped thousands of itchy pets when conventional skin testing, hyposensitization, and corticosteroid therapy have failed.

    The Last Chance Dog

  • Commercial diets, hyposensitization injections, antihistamines, shampoos or sprays, and steroids do help some pets but may offer only temporary relief While corticosteroids seem miraculous in the short term, they often only irritate the immune system over time, driving the body deeper into pathology.

    The Last Chance Dog

  • Waldinger and his team are now trying hyposensitization therapy on other POIS patients

    TIME.com: Top Stories

  • In a second study in the same journal, Waldinger's team decided to try treating two of the volunteers with hyposensitization therapy -- a well-known technique for treating allergies, also called allergen immunotherapy, which repeatedly exposes the body to small but gradually increasing amounts of the allergen over several years.

    Reuters: Top News


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