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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of hypostasize.


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  • Philosophy's millennial assignment to think thought itself — to define the grounds of being-in-the-world in a way that cannot, in fact, be hypostasized as inner voice — finds its close parallel in the far and paradoxical horizon of language theory.

    Phonemanography: Romantic to Victorian

  • Here, the primal "O" or "ah" of subapostrophic interjection seems hidden in the very principle of duration, as hypostasized in the appositional "one God, one law," and then taken up in chiastic echo within the effortless tip-toe alliteration of the chiastic

    Phonemanography: Romantic to Victorian

  • Appiah's view is a nuanced one: it is an authentic expression of something, but not of a hypostasized essential "African cultural identity."

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • The results of this analysis, the genera and species of a given science, are then hypostasized as Forms, nodes in a web or the elements of a field.

    Plato's Middle Period Metaphysics and Epistemology

  • In any event the simple, unreflective act of eating has become hypostasized.

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • Futhermore, thus seeing the 2nd air as a ˜cosmic intermediary™ might seem to suggest that it is an hypostasized reality, a point which seems further supported by Saadya's own description of this

    Saadya [Saadiah]

  • Such thought and such reality are mere abstractions, hypostasized by false metaphysics; they are elements of truth rent asunder, and destroyed in the rending.

    Browning as a Philosophical and Religious Teacher

  • The admission of the Logos, as hypostasized (that is, neither a mere attribute, nor a personification) in no respect removed my doubts concerning the Incarnation and the Redemption by the cross; which I could neither reconcile in reason with the impassiveness of the Divine Being, nor in my moral feelings with the sacred distinction between things and persons, the vicarious payment of a debt and the vicarious expiation of guilt.

    Biographia Literaria

  • This hypostasized logic, the inability to gauge the tension and frisson between subjectivity and objectivity, reveals an inability to grasp the totality, or a moral revulsion in the face of its objective contradictions and uncertainties.


  • The radical viewer can't be blamed for missing these glimpses, she is overcome by the thriller narrative's spectacular apocalypticism, not to mention the fully hypostasized gorgeousness of the elemental, saturated dream sequences in which a flawed, dead wife is made perfect and whole.



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