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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of hypostatize.


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  • For in constricting the notion of "value" to mean solely a given thing or notion's ability to accommodate an end forever deferred to a hypostatized future, utilitarianism's strictly instrumental concept of rationality treats a given thing as something pure and absolute, to be sure — albeit only as "absolute for an other."

    The Melancholic Gift: Freedom in Nineteenth-Century Philosophy and Fiction

  • They hypostatized his notion of spontaneous self-positing, baking it into a largely aesthetic vocabulary of the creative power of imagination.

    Georg Friedrich Philipp von Hardenberg [Novalis]

  • As Schlesinger explains at pp. 156-59 of the Mariner Books edition: "What had been for a century and a half sporadic executive practice employed in very unusual circumstances was now in a brief decade hypostatized into sacred constitutional principle."

    Aziz Huq: Subpoenas and the Exercise of "Executive Privilege"

  • However, I believe you have mucked that up by arguing so convincingly above for (a hypostatized) Art's double role as true believer and cynic.

    The Power and the Piss

  • Whether in life or in language, the body can be hypostatized as an eternal object or situated as an imagined event, a process unfolding in time.

    How to Do the History of Pornography: Romantic Sexuality and its Field of Vision

  • The argument Kant offers is excruciating, but the essential point is that, just as the idea of the soul involved the subreption of the hypostatized consciousness, so too, the idea of the ens realissimum is generated by both a subrepted principle and a hypostatization.

    Kant's Critique of Metaphysics

  • Kant's criticism of the metaphysical disciplines centers on his efforts to show that the ideas of reason (the soul, the world and God), which are thought in accordance with the demand for the unconditioned, get erroneously “hypostatized” by reason, or thought as mind-independent “objects” about which we might seek knowledge.

    Kant's Critique of Metaphysics

  • There appear to be two problematic assertions involved: first, an overly generalized, if not at times hypostatized, split of cultural spheres into

    The Kyoto School

  • In Queen Caroline, we find Revolution hypostatized in an eroticized female body, an ideological and iconographic outgrowth of French Revolution-era propaganda.


  • Tests have encouraged an enormous series of hypostatized 'traits.'

    The Structure of Success in America


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