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  • verb Present participle of hypostatize.


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  • In any case, Albert avoids hypostatizing these modes by explaining them as relations between the things to which the terms refer.

    Albert of Saxony

  • And on this account (i.e., on account of this hypostatizing of ideal matter) they say that the Saviour virtually

    ANF01. The Apostolic Fathers with Justin Martyr and Irenaeus

  • Very likely, if man still retained his inveterate habit of hypostatizing his ideas, that definitive scheme would be regarded as a representation of the objective relations of things; but no proof that it was so would ever be found, nor even any hint that there were external objects, not to speak of relations between them.

    The Sense of Beauty Being the Outlines of Aesthetic Theory

  • Such an existence would be purely fictitious, and the hypostatizing of the content of the idea into an ideal, as an individual being, is

    The Critique of Pure Reason

  • Pursuing this track, and hypostatizing this idea, we shall find ourselves authorized to determine our notion of the Supreme Being by means of the mere conception of a highest reality, as one, simple, all-sufficient, eternal, and so on -- in one word, to determine it in its unconditioned completeness by the aid of every possible predicate.

    The Critique of Pure Reason

  • We begin by hypostatizing the principle of systematic unity, and by giving an anthropomorphic determination to the conception of a Supreme Intelligence, and then proceed forcibly to impose aims upon nature.

    The Critique of Pure Reason

  • We cannot, at the same time, avoid regarding, by a transcendental subreptio, this formal principle as constitutive, and hypostatizing this unity.

    The Critique of Pure Reason

  • I’m a firebagger, so I’m disposed to interminable disagreement in order to affirm my heroic alterity, but DTM hasn’t supplied me a reason to believe that further hypostatizing unproductive subsidies to intermediary capitalists will lead to the opposite outcome.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Strange Death of the Public Option

  • Paul of Venice tries the opposite way of hypostatizing ideas ” his peculiar version of the formal distinction enable him to do so without breaking the divine simplicity.

    Paul of Venice


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