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  • adj. Of, pertaining to, or being hypotaxis.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Of, pertaining to, or characterized by hypotaxis; dependent: as, two temporal clauses in hypotactic construction.


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  • The twenty-two prose-poem revisions fall between disjunctive textual synthesis and nuanced hypotactic collage.

    /ubu Editions, Third Series: 12 New Titles : Kenneth Goldsmith : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

  • As elaborate as the hypotactic constructions they facilitate may be, Kleist's conjunctions never turn into substantives, and und in particular never assumes a coherent form — as, for example, a Hund.

    Reading, Begging, Paul de Man

  • If the syntax of the story has to this point been hypotactic to an almost absurd degree (even for German), the sentences suddenly become simpler, even paratactic.

    Reading, Begging, Paul de Man

  • As Emil Staiger has observed, the tale's first fourteen sentences are organized by a hypotactic grammar in which the responsibilities of the comma, the semi-colon, and the colon are pushed to the limits of what the German language will allow (5).

    Reading, Begging, Paul de Man

  • In these terms, the hypotactic grammar of the first section of the story is eventually brought low by the tap tap of a paratactic specter that reduces everything to ruinous confusion.

    Reading, Begging, Paul de Man

  • The fragmentary aspect of the whole is made more obvious still by the hypotactic manner that prevails in each of the essays taken in isolation, by the continued attempt, however ironized, to present a closed and linear argument.

    Notes on ''At the Far End of this Ongoing Enterprise...''

  • As a further aside, let me say that in both my fiction and my academic writing I have long since and almost entirely weeded out such self-indulgent habits as parenthesis, long hypotactic sentences, digressions and so forth, and one of the great pleasures of blogging is that I abandon my almost moral grammatical stringency and write however the hell I want to, digressions and parentheses and all.

    I'm snatching a few moments

  • Of course, no prose is all one or the other, but the prose of Obama's inauguration is surely more paratactic than hypotactic, and in this it resembles the prose of the Bible with its long lists and serial "ands."



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