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  • n. An abbreviation
  • n. of hypothesis;
  • n. of hypothetical.


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  • My hypoth is that religion, philosophy and government are all evolved strategies for solving the homosapiens Friendliness problem, by reducinging intra-species death counts.

    The Speculist: The Friendliness Problem

  • The more serious among the students of these strange phenomena assert only that they are the result of the hidden or neglected powers of the mind, that these point to the mind's independence of, and mastery over, the body, which renders the hypoth - esis of its survival after death not only plausible but even probable.


  • The persistence, however much transformed, of such primordial intuitions in the Epicurean hypoth - esis of ethereal soul-atoms, which served to exclude in theory a truly physiological approach to the me - chanics of vital and psychic phenomena, was a reflec - tion, moreover, of the poverty of anatomical knowl - edge in antiquity — a situation resulting from the religious ban against dissections of the human body.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • Page 405, Volume 4 stein not only realized that it was a hypothesis to assume that, if they calculate correctly, all observers must assign the same time to a given event, but he produced cogent reasons why, in general, this hypoth - esis should be rejected.


  • In regard to his evolving concepts of matter, Newton never called himself an atomist though he did hypoth - esize that “God in the beginning formed matter in solid, massey, hard, impenetrable, moveable particles” with varying “sizes ... figures, and ... other proper - ties” and in varying “proportions to space” (Opticks iii. 1).

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • Fresnel's extraordinary hypoth - esis, which goes by the misleading name partial aether drag, proved highly successful.


  • Nature; besides, as Descartes pointed out in his Medi - tations (i, iv, vi), it was only by a constant act of will that one could hold the mathematico-physical hypoth - esis itself in face of the contrary suasions of one's five senses.


  • L '` ame d'un vieillard valait vingt pi ` eces d'or, pas un penny de plus; car Satan avait eu le temps d'y former hypoth ` eque.

    The Countess Cathleen

  • Nor could we imagine any exception to these inferences from A or from B, whichever of the two were assumed, unless through optical laws that might not equally affect objects under different circumstances; I mean, for instance, that might suffer a disturbance as applied under hypoth.

    Narrative and Miscellaneous Papers

  • This week, I can thank John McCain and Lindsey Graham for providing empirical data that supports this hypoth...

    The Full Feed from


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