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  • n. Surgical incision of the uterus, as in a cesarean section.

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  • n. The surgical procedure of making an incision in the uterus, commonly combined with a laparotomy during a caesarean section.

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  • n. The act of cutting into the uterus, as in Cæsarean section. See under cæsarean.

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  • n. In surgery, the operation of cutting into the uterus.

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  • n. surgical incision into the uterus (as in cesarean section)


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hystero- + -tomy


  • "One day I walked into an operating room and they did a hysterotomy, which is a cesarean section, lifted out a baby that was crying and breathing, and put it in a bucket in the corner of the room, and let it die, and pretended nobody heard it," he told the audience.

    NPR Topics: News

  • Exposure of 26-week fetus through hysterotomy revealing sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT).

    Sacrococcygeal Teratoma (SCT), Sacrococcygeal Tumor Treatment

  • Consider: in 1973 a team of Finnish and American scientists decapitated a dozen human fetuses, each aborted live through hysterotomy, and kept the heads alive artificially for study.

    A Search For Limits

  • D&E/D&X are preferred over labor induction, hysterotomy and hysterectomy procedures, where they are possible, specifically because they have documented lower morbidity and mortality rates.

    Abortion on demand and without apology (Kiwi edition)

  • On October 3, 1973, Edelin performed a legal abortion at the request of a pregnant seventeen year-old, completing the operation by hysterotomy or mini-Cesarean, after three attempts at saline infusion failed.

    When Is An Abortion Not An Abortion?

  • The conviction of Dr. Edelin, despite that defense, opens the possibility that any doctor maybe convicted of homicide in the death of a legally aborted fetus -- particularly in late abortions and those performed by hysterotomy, which run the risk of producing a fetus that shows at least fleeting signs of life.

    When Is An Abortion Not An Abortion?

  • In the hysterotomy, he removed the fetus through an incision in its mother's abdomen peeling it from the wall of the womb and scooping it out along with the afterbirth.

    When Is An Abortion Not An Abortion?

  • One of these witnesses even suggested that the gasps had come during the earlier attempts at saline infusion, and that the fetus had died at that time -- before the hysterotomy began.

    When Is An Abortion Not An Abortion?

  • The subject fetuses were "derived from either hysterectomy or hysterotomy... undertaken in the interest of the health, sanity or life of the mother."

    Boing Boing

  • It is possible to just remove the fetus from the womb and let it die naturally (hysterotomy).

    dangerous idea


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