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  • n. An alkaloid, C20H26N2O, that acts as a dopamine blocker and mitigates depression and the symptoms of withdrawal from narcotics, cocaine, and heroin.

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  • n. A naturally-occurring psychoactive compound found in a number of plants, principally iboga, and used for medicinal and ritual purposes in African spiritual traditions of the Bwiti.

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  • n. An alkaloid extracted from the Kongo-plant and iboga. It produces anæsthesia like cocaine and acts upon the medulla like cola.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

French ibogaïne, from New Latin (Tabernanthē) iboga, species name of shrub in whose root it is found, from Myene (Bantu language of Gabon).

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iboga +‎ -ine


  • This treatment is a naturally occurring compound called ibogaine, which is found in the Tabernathe Iboga tree, which grows naturally in parts of Africa. - Articles related to Food addiction 101: What is food addiction?

  • But researchers now suspect that the plant's active ingredient, a hallucinogen called ibogaine, may have other uses as well.

    A Psychedelic Trip To The End Of Addiction

  • One of the most controversial, a botanical called ibogaine, may help alleviate a broad range of dependencies.

    New Ways To Stay Clean

  • Use of a plant-based substance called ibogaine has, like UROD, been touted as a “quick fix” for addiction and is accordingly very appealing to addicts who would like to avoid the conventional forms of treatment.

    Helping the Addict You Love

  • A dozen human studies of MDMA, LSD, a powerful African drug called ibogaine and psilocybin, from so-called "magic mushrooms," are now under way, testing the once-stigmatized drugs as treatments for not only PTSD, but also cluster headaches and addiction, as well as anxiety and depression in cancer patients.

    Scientific American

  • My guess is she has a serious ibogaine addiction to combat emotional distress brought on by not having any friends in the mostly liberal high school she went to (check out Fear and Loathing on the campaign trail to understand that one).

    Think Progress » Bachmann: ‘ people’ are not ‘real people.’

  • These are not the same opioid receptors that drugs like heroin and morphine work on, so the effects are very different, but it is a completely different mechanism to virtually all other hallucinogenic drugs (only ibogaine is known to have a similar effect on the brain).

    Scientists Mine YouTube To Study Effects Of Salvia Divinorum | Impact Lab

  • If you are too slow, drink more coffee, or chew ibogaine root, or administer electric shocks to yourself.

    Test Your Reaction Time

  • Much of the legal research reported at the conference fits the medical model, such as using psilocybin to treat post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or alcoholism or the anxiety of cancer patients, using ibogaine (from an East African root) to break addictions (as to cocaine), or psychedelics to treat cluster headaches.

    Craig K. Comstock: Can Psychedelic Drugs Treat PTSD?

  • It's also got loads of great historical footage from the early research but also talks to the new generation of researchers looking at compounds such as ayahuasca and ibogaine, who are now the senior figures in this growing area.

    Boing Boing


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