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  • In botany, transparent processes resembling icicles.


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  • Red-nosed, red-eared men, on whose beards and moustaches the breath had turned to ice-drops, cried to one another at street-corners that such a winter had not been known for thirty years; and, as they spoke, they stamped their feet, and clapped their hands, to keep the chilly blood agoing.

    Maurice Guest

  • The evergreens were covered with shining ice-drops, and the tall trees pointed their glistening branches toward the few clouds that were hurrying over the blue sky.

    St. Nicholas, Vol. 5, No. 5, March, 1878

  • From the south there streamed forth the sparkling heat of Muspelheim; and as the heat and cold met, the melting ice-drops became possessed of life, and produced, through the power of him who had sent forth heat, Ymir, the sire of the frost giants.

    The Mysteries of All Nations Rise and Progress of Superstition, Laws Against and Trials of Witches, Ancient and Modern Delusions Together With Strange Customs, Fables, and Tales

  • The prisms of a million ice-drops on shrubs and trees took fire.

    The Silent Places

  • The horses toss their heads, enveloped in a cloud of steam which rises from them, while their manes are covered with ice-drops.

    Holland, v. 1 (of 2)

  • After the first glance, Mrs. Frost shut her eyes to restrain the hot tears that arose at the thought of the wintry morning, when ice-drops hung hoary on the fir-trees, as she had driven away from the portal, whence music was now pealing forth a greeting, and where Oliver was standing on the very spot where, with clenched hand, he had vowed that all should be restored.

    Dynevor Terrace: or, the clue of life — Volume 2

  • Then I went to the other side of the island, quite fairy-like as it glistened in the sunlight, gemmed with ice-drops, and clad in its garment of white.

    A Boy's Voyage Round the World

  • The cold, and, to her, cruel words, were like chilling ice-drops on her heart.

    The Good Time Coming


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