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  • n. A little fish, the caplin, Mallotus villosus, of the family Argentinidæ, living in arctic American waters and much valued as food. See caplin.
  • n. A small translucent fish, Salanx microdon, of the rivers of Japan and China.


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  • As the weather began to warm in March and April, people headed out to numerous inland lakes to ice-fish for lake trout and Arctic char.

    Climate change impacts on Canadian Western Arctic~ the Inuvialuit of Sachs Harbour

  • I did ice-fish, but only, again, because it was there to do and because staying home to play Scrabble with your sister was for cream puffs.

    Fool’s Paradise

  • A winter camping trip to ice-fish and hike the snowy mountains.

    Ice Hunt

  • According to them, there was a time that valley was simply another place for their great grandsires to hunt in the summer, and ice-fish in winter.

    Fortress Of Frost And Fire

  • Then Attenborough and his team followed the route of Scott and Amundsen to the Pole, delving into ice-caves around an Antarctic volcano, diving beneath the ice to find upside-down landscapes of plunging stalactites and weird ice-fish and "a relative of the woodlouse as big as a dinner plate", and flying across a strange ice-free land, filled with wind-hollowed boulders. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • We love to snowmobile, skate and ice-fish ~ care to join us?

    The Telegram: Local News

  • But thanks to Jonas Elmer's flat direction and Ken Rance and C. Jay Cox's charmless script (really, it took two people to come up with this?), Jane Ticketbuyer has to suffer through Zellweger's alleged professional being unable to check the weather and pack properly before flying from Miami to Minnesota, or to manually start a fire for that matter, and Jane Ticketbuyer also has to endure Connick Jr. 's league of aw-shucks-and-then-some locals, people who scrapbook and ice-fish and apparently can't say a sentence that doesn't feature one of the following words:



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