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  • The ice-sheathed trees twinkle in the morning drabness; a branch broken under the weight of ice touches the pavement, rattling its frozen tips.

    Excerpt: The Lazarus Project by Aleksandar Hemon

  • They were out of Bayarn Wood, and gathering enough wood would have meant taking an axe to one of the gnarled, ice-sheathed trees that grew on the hills by the road.


  • Or cling desperately to ice-sheathed rock overhangs while their manly owner grapnels for pitons with his carabiniers, or whatever.

    In Memoriam.

  • Uhura tried to peer in the direction she indicated, but the fiery sapphire glare of the Janus Gate was all she could see reflected in the ice-sheathed wall.

    The Janus Gate: Future Imperfect

  • She glanced toward the ice-sheathed science station and shivered.

    Time's Enemy

  • Hayman jetted toward the far side of the ice-sheathed ship, where a brighter arc of lights was trained on the Defiant's main hatch.

    Time's Enemy

  • His legs weak and trembling with both fear and exhaustion, the elf pressed his back against the ice-sheathed stone of what must once have been the wall of Thorbardin™s Northgate, waiting for Finn and Kem to climb with painfully slow care over a tumble of rocks and gravel.


  • Vivar led the exhausted men to a cave that was hidden by ice-sheathed laurels.

    Sharpe's Rifles

  • I waved to them and walked on, wondering to see them watering their fields, for among the constellations of the previous night had been the crotali, the winter stars that bring the rattle of ice-sheathed branches.

    The Urth of the New Sun

  • He grabbed Sister Morrison with one hand, the lifeline with the other, and allowed the two of them to be literally blown across the treacherous ice-sheathed deck into the shelter of the superstructure.

    San Andreas


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