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  • Number one; the first; the best.


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  • From Japanese, ichiban translates to "number one."

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  • These acts were called ichiban (first act), niban (second act), sanban

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  • Japanese were the "ichiban", next the Chinese ... and they had a sentimental and condescending attitude toward the Polynesians.

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  • Concerning the still uncertain theory that commonly identified words ending in Greek -nthos ὑάκινθος, ἐρέβινθος, πλίνθος, etc. come indeed from a specifically Minoan source, this may only imply a Minoan termination in *-inta, a sequence of syllables that is perfectly natural in Japanese syllabics where syllable-final -n is the only allowed coda consonant, as in 三 san 'three' and 一番 ichiban 'first, best'.

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  • Except for John Stewart version drawn by Bruce Tim voiced by Phil LaMarr, who is pretty ichiban.

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  • I love ramen ichiban noodles when it's cold outside.

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  • Haps 1 pre-work lunch was at a renowned jap restaurant in pasir panjang. have been hearing from many pple on how delicious and mouth-watering the sashimi r .. & today i finally get to try it .. without fail, the food was ichiban!! highly recommended .. will definitely drop by another time soon: p

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  • Yesterday was pretty slack, Delie came over, and we played mario party, and ate ichiban, and watched some of mary poppins, so that was great.

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  • You guys are no longer ichiban, no longer number one.

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  • I tolerated his affairs and even let some of the younger girls join me sometimes'the threesomes relieved the boredom ... but I was always ichiban, numero uno, or at least I thought I was" "

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