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  • n. the state of being iconic (in all meanings)


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Latin iconicitas, -tatis


  • In terms of "iconicity", Honey Ryder is undoubtedly one of the top images of franchise.

  • In a remarkable coup of icon rivalry, Kingdom Tower's designers not only created a more recognizable tower (a two-second sketch?) but also delivered a building whose iconicity would be controlled from a singular GPS coordinate -- inside Foster's Al Faisaliyah Tower, now relegated to the role of a viewing tower.

    Todd Reisz and Rory Hyde: Riyadh's Icon-Clad Perspectives

  • Of course editing the poetry or the prose require editor brain, which has been completely taken up with discussing iconicity and metaphor in Comics as compared to language.

    Different brains

  • ALONG WITH THE PRODUCTION boom, emerging also is a new Brooklyn-centric consciousness in film, detached from the iconicity of Manhattan.

    Brooklyn, The Borough: Lights, Camera, BK!

  • Of course, while Baker went on to fame and iconicity through her banana skirt over in France, Washington chose to cultivate her career as a respected artist and entertainer.

    Performing with Dignity: Fredi Washington

  • Of Superman's famous costume, which is really the Chanel suit of modern superherodom, the wall notes to the exhibit tell us: "Its iconicity has ensured its co-option by designers."

    What Superman Wrought

  • The persistence of Edie's iconicity can be credited, paradoxically, to Stein's attempt to make real this woman whose short life was at once a sad waste of time and culturally, ad infinitum the time of seemingly everyone's life.

    The Lady Is a Tramp

  • This is betrayed first through the method of her argument which is characterised by obscure vocabulary and dense argumentation – ‘The only cohesion obtained for the persons and the events of Salvation History with our own “event” of proclamation now relies upon pre-established knowledge and the implicature of temporal iconicity whereby one infers the unified chronicity of the fabula from the sequential position of events in the text’36.

    Mystical Theology and the Liturgical Consummation of Philosophy

  • Although we seem to have strong intuitions about how to answer this question in particular cases, no theory of iconicity for models has been formulated yet.

    Models in Science

  • Texts may, of course, achieve spatiality or iconicity, but the visual object invoked does not require or cause these features.

    Notes, Mitchell, "Ekphrasis and the Other"


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