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  • n. A quality of an action such that repetitions of the action have no further effect on outcome – being idempotent.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Latin roots, idem (“same”) +‎ potence (“the quality of having power”) – literally, “the quality of having the same power”.


  • The idempotence guarantee means you can simply issue the request again.

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  • In this first half of a two-part article, Appistry engineer Guerry Semones gets you started with the four design principles for writing cloud-ready, multicore friendly code: atomicity, statelessness, idempotence, and parallelism.

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  • Eric notes that idempotence is used all the time in caching functions that create the object being requested.

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  • Atomicity, statelessness, idempotence, and parallelism: that's your ticket to code that's ready for both modern multicore chips and the future of distributed -- or cloud -- computing.

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  • It needs to support capabilities such as durable subscribers, message persistence and delivery tracking, idempotence, etc.

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