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  • adj. idiomatic

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  • Idiomatic.

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  • adj. of or relating to or conforming to idiom


idiomatic +‎ -al (Wiktionary)


  • Unlike other spam filters Antispam Marisuite takes into consideration much more statistical parameters of messages such as idiomatical constructions, message's route and sender's IP address, presence of phishing links, parameters of attached pictures and so on.


  • I see you providing no evidence that the wisdom language ascribed to Jesus is "the one and only top-ladder creation language idiomatical biblical language which is uniquely associated with Godhead in the history of Judaism."

    HANDS Across the Godhead?

  • Considering Hebrews 1:10-12 the issue is not only that "some specific creation language" refers to Jesus as if there was many comparable creation languages from which only one would be randomly not used about divine agents; rather the writer is using the one and only top-ladder creation language idiomatical biblical language which is uniquely associated with Godhead in the history of Judaism.

    HANDS Across the Godhead?

  • Hebrews 1:10-12; Ego Eimi sayings; doxologies applied to Jesus directly; Jesus being the "Lord my God" John 20:28 is idiomatical expression about God which is not comparable to elohims of Qumran for instance.

    HANDS Across the Godhead?

  • The expressions, "generally speaking," and "considering their means," under number 4, are idiomatical and anomalous, the subjects to the participles not being specified.

    English Grammar in Familiar Lectures

  • An idiomatical expression which is not an anomaly, can be analyzed.

    English Grammar in Familiar Lectures

  • Thousands of idiomatical phrases and colloquial sentences are to be found in almost every Author, especially in the dramatic writers, the force and beauty of which it would be impossible to feel absolutely without, not only a general, but an intimate knowledge of "the arrangement of clauses and construction of periods."

    North Carolina Schools and Academies 1790-1840 A Documentary History

  • It was apparently his principal endeavour to avoid all harshness and severity of diction; he is therefore sometimes verbose in his transitions and connections, and sometimes descends too much to the language of conversation; yet if his language had been less idiomatical, it might have lost somewhat of its genuine Anglicism.

    Life of Addison, 1672-1719

  • Conventional and idiomatical Italian forms have been expressly avoided.

    The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning

  • [FN#375] In text "Ant 'amilta maskhará (for maskharah) matah (for matà)," idiomatical Fellah-tongue.

    Arabian nights. English


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