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  • I wish that; signifies a wish or desire for the present or the future.
  • I wish that; signifies a regret about an action in the past.


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  • If you are willing to tap into your hardfought, hard-bought retirement money, even if only for an emergency, chances are better than 50% that one or several times during your 45 working years you will find a reason to use the money.


  • Slurs of this sort are not reserved for modern tabloid newspapers—Pilate and his cohorts were sophisticated and worldly Romans—and the Jews acknowledged the existence of homosexuality, if only to condemn it.

    The Templar Revelation

  • Ella Mental by Amber Deckers if only every girl had a “Good Sense” guide!

    Disenchanted Princess

  • If only the brown skag she had shot up would stop hammering in her ears, if only she did not have to breathe through her nose because of the dirty sock he had stuffed in her mouth.

    Jolie Blon’s Bounce

  • Just as with the trees in the Forest of Friendship, it is easy to see how such a compact would benefit them, if only it could be made to stick.


  • Timothy had spoken of a pirate and a distant place near New Orleans called Barataria Bay, where clandestine slave auctions took place by candlelight in hidden caves and great wealth was to be had if only one were sufficiently daring.

    City of Glory

  • There is also the possibility that their ubiquitous ‘lady’—she who must be obeyed, if only from a chaste distance, was meant to be understood at an esoteric level as something else, as their German name of minnesinger suggests.

    The Templar Revelation

  • Another image, AS11-40-5894, would have provided a good view of Armstrong at the MESA, if only the exposure would have been more appropriate.

    First Man

  • Ford soon recognized the problem with moving the worker from assembly stand to assembly stand: Walking, even if only for a yard or two, took time, and jam-ups frequently resulted as faster workers overtook the slower workers in front of them.

    The Machine That Changed the World

  • From Paestum, the road to Brundisium led through Caposele another reason to identify it with the place towards the Peteline Mountains, if only military history were neat and logical.

    The Spartacus War


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