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  • n. Plural form of iguana.


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  • Better yet, another very interesting characteristic of the iguanas is that, for the sake of procreation, they possess a hemipenis or two penises (fortunate little critters!).

    The Three Eyed Iguanas of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  • Even though hunting, trapping, or killing iguanas is illegal throughout Mexico, they are nevertheless still sought after as pets.

    The Three Eyed Iguanas of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  • In Guantanamo, you have animals that are called iguanas, rats that are treated with more humanity.


  • I learned Spanish while I was there and I also learned how to make queso ranchero, tortillas, and skin iguanas.

    Page 2

  • I think I'd have bought the Gen13 just because of the lethal combo of Frank Smith pencils with Cam Smith's inks - the iguanas are a pure gravy!

    Less Than Compelling Covers

  • But small islands had coastlines rich with fish, and the absence of dense woodlands made them more suited to farming and hunting small prey such as iguanas, tortoises and hutias, a cat-sized rodent, he said.

    University of Florida News

  • Maybe next we'll crystallize iguanas or peacocks or dogsā€¦ maybe ourselves if someone will volunteer, or even our kids.

    In the North Woods (or, The War of Art)

  • Interesting, though, is a paper from this past November, noting that five populations of land iguanas in the Galapagos "represent distinct conservation units (one of them being the recently discovered rosada form) and could warrant species status."

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • We got pythons, iguanas, snakeheads ... you name it, it's probably runnin loose in Florida.

    Watersnake vs. Fish Video

  • And no one has mentioned boas, pythons, and iguanas?

    What's Your Favorite Invasive Species?


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