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  • No matther whether th 'constitution follows th' flag or not, th 'supreme coort follows th' iliction returns.

    Christopher Brauchli: Money vs. Judicial Merit Selection

  • Especially the one about the Supreme Court: ''No matther whether th' constitution follows th' flag or not, th' supreme court follows th' iliction returns.''

    Annoying and pretentious terms.

  • He wint on talkin ', and Willum J. O'Brien wint on handin' out th 'dough that he got fr'm th' gas company an 'con-ciliatin' th 'masses; an', whin iliction day come, th 'judges an' clerks was all f'r O'Brien, an 'Dorgan didn't get votes enough to wad a gun.

    Mr. Dooley in Peace and in War

  • Man an 'boy I've taken an intherest in politics all me life, an' I find th 'on'y way to win an iliction is to begin f'r to count th' minyit ye've completed th 'preliminaries iv closin' th 'polls an' killin 'th' other judges an 'clerks.

    Mr. Dooley's Philosophy

  • Whiniver a dimmycrat has to go to coort to win an iliction I get suspicious.

    Mr. Dooley's Philosophy

  • Glory be, what a relief 'twill be f'r wan iv thim to raysume permanently th 'savage or fam'ly breakfast face th' mornin 'afther iliction!

    Mr. Dooley's Philosophy

  • An 'George'll wake up th' mornin 'afther iliction an' he'll have a sore head an 'a sorer heart, an' he'll find that th 'on'y support he got was fr'm th' goold dimmycratic party, an 'th' chances ar-re he caught cold fr'm goin 'out without his shawl an' cudden't vote.

    Mr. Dooley's Philosophy

  • 'I feel, as a private citizen, that so long,' he says, 'as the br-right star iv liberty shines resplindent over our common counthries, with th' example iv Washin'ton in ye'er eyes, an 'th' iliction comin 'on, that ye must go forward an' conker or die, 'he says.

    Mr. Dooley's Philosophy

  • Th 'on'y thrainin' I know f'r th 'civic ideel is to have an alarm clock in ye'er room on iliction day.

    Mr. Dooley's Philosophy

  • A man that'd expict to thrain lobsters to fly in a year is called a loonytic; but a man that thinks men can be tur-rned into angels be an iliction is called a rayformer an 'remains at large.

    Mr. Dooley's Philosophy


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